Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Cozy Autumn Things

It has once again been a while since I have blogged, I am so busy at work I am just too tired to think about doing anything when I get home.

I am having a well earned break this week, I have been feeling a little run down and really need this time to just rest and build up my energy again. I am alone for the most part because B/F could only take one day, so I will be spending my time chilling out, watching T.V and catching up with some of my fave blogs and youtube channels. Not all that exciting really but it's just what I need right now.

It's the time of year I am thankful to be indoors curled up with a hot drink and a candle burning, the weather has been a bit depressing the last couple of days, so I was happy to have discovered a couple of winter tea's when I was wandering around the supermarket at the weekend, I wanted some nice hot drinks to have at home and saw Twinnings had a cherry and cinnamon tea and a camomile and spiced apple and snapped them up. I have since tried both, I am not so keen on the spiced apple and camomile, but the cherry and cinnamon is lovely. It is a perfect cold season drink with a hint of Christmas and great for giving me a hit of sweetness to try and stop me attacking the biscuits.

I am off to watch a film now and snuggle up with the little dog on the sofa.

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  1. I wish i liked tea! The spiced apple looks yummy. I'll have to stick to buying my hot spiced apple's from Costa.. xxx


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